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what we do

At White Buffalo Crafts we make quality, individual leather goods. What we don't do is get involved in large quantities of identical items.

We produce a wide range of goods from bags to belts to boxes, with lots in between. You will see example of the things we produce on the website. Often these are available from stock, but frequently we are asked to make items to a customers own specification - whether it be colour and type of materials, or design of the finished product.

The majority of goods are made from vegetable tanned leather, stitched using linen or silk threads. Wherever practicable we use natural, quality materials sourced through UK suppliers. 

Our policy is to be competitively priced and all the goods we sell are made by us - we don't buy in any made up goods to sell on. If you are interested in any of the items you see pictured on the site, get in touch and we will tell you how much it costs.

Some of our products

Morris dancer bell pads

Variations on a theme - the Estelle bag

Chair renovation